Explore a Dream with Tarot

You draw a Tarot card and re-enter your dream, allowing the character on the Tarot card to accompany you.

When the meaning of a dream is obscure, it sometimes helps to view it from another perspective. In this exercise, you are asked to draw a Tarot card and then adopt the posture or personality of the main character while you review the dream in your imagination.

If the character on the card you pull is immediately meaningful to you, you can begin the dream exercise immediately. If the character on the card is obscure, you should work with the card before entering the dream. Click here for some suggestions about how to work with the image on the card.

This exercise is most easily understood through example. Three examples are given below for the Fool, the Magician, and the High Priestess. The examples make use of the image and an affirmation from the Tarot Affirmations deck.

Example 1-The Fool — Stand on a Cliff!

Affirmation: I am a risk-taker, willing to leap into the unknown.

Pretend that you are the Fool. Imagine that you are standing on a cliff with your possessions in a small bag and a dog yapping at your heels. Observe your dream as it plays out below you. Observe the characters and the action in your dream. Pay particular attention to anything that seems involve a risk, journey, or new beginning.

What do you see in the dream from this higher perspective? Is there anything that makes you want to jump over the cliff and undertake the dream journey? Or would it be better to step back and take another path? Is there a risk that needs to be taken to deepen life's experience? Or a new beginning that needs to be made?

Write about this imaginary observation of the dream and your reactions to it.

Example 2-The Magician — Wave a Wand!

Affirmation: I play freely with my thoughts, feelings, inspirations, and sensations.

Pretend you are the Magician. Imagine yourself standing before a table lifting a wand in your right hand, channeling its energy with your left. Your dream is spread out on the table before you. Observe the characters and the action.  Pay attention to anything that seems to involve creative energy or its manifestation.

Are there tasks in the dream that need to be mastered? Tools that you could use to manifest something for your higher good? An indication of where you should direct your creative energy?
Write about what you see and your reactions to it.

Example 3-The High Priestess — Sit on a Throne!

Affirmation: I find the time to quietly retreat and access my inner wisdom.

Pretend you are the High Priestess. Imagine that you are sitting on a throne, holding a scroll in your lap. Watch your dream being acted out before you. Pay particular attention to anything that seems to involve inner wisdom.

Is there anything you know intuitively in the dream without hearing, seeing, or touching? Does anything in the dream call for solitude or reflection? Are you being asked to wait patiently for something to be revealed? Does the dream involve great wisdom or ancient knowledge?

Write about what you see from your throne and your reactions to it.

A Variation of this Technique

Another way of bringing Tarot in a dream is to re-enter the dream and bring the character on the card into it. For example, replace one of the dream characters with the Fool standing at the cliff. Now use active imagination to interview the Fool. Ask him what he's doing in this dream. What does he hope to gain here? What message does he have for you or for other characters in the dream?

Affirmation Work

Once a dream's message has been revealed to you, the next question is how you can benefit from this information. One option is to establish a goal based on your work with the dream, a plan of action to implement that goal, and an affirmation that will support your work towards it.