The High Priestess tarot card meditation

My life flows smoothly when I pay attention to my natural rhythms.

The High Priestess Tarot card

I am feminine wisdom,
in touch with
the natural rhythms of life.

We were designed for movement. Even when we appear to be still, blood courses through our veins, driven by the beating of our hearts. We breathe in and out to some inner rhythm of which we are largely unaware. We sleep in a series of cycles, moving deeper and deeper towards the state where dreams are made.

The universe has its rhythms too. Summer follows spring and then leads to fall and winter. The sun rises and sets, calling us to activity and rest. The moon waxes and wanes, directing the tides that send waves crashing along the sandy shore. We hear the sound of moving water and instinctively relax.

Sometimes we're aware of life's rhythms. More often they run their steady course outside our conscious awareness. The same thing is true of inner wisdom. We were born knowing. We carry great stores of knowledge of which we are largely unaware. Listen to your intuition today. Let your unconscious speak. Get in touch with the rhythms of life. Go with the flow. The way becomes easier when you do.

The High Priestess:
My life flows smoothly when I pay attention to my natural rhythms.