Path of the Page

How the Pages can be used as problem-solving tools. Pages can help us explore our options, make difficult choices, and find new directions for our lives.

In many decks, Pages are the first of the Royalty cards. They are messengers. They provide focus and direction for quests the Knights undertake to serve the Kings and Queens. Pages can help us find new directions at times when we seem to be stuck in a rut or our lives seem to be on hold. They can also be used to suggest ways to explore specific problems when we are faced with difficult choices and are uncertain about what to do. Through their suits, the Pages provide us with a focus for exploring our problems. Through their messages, they suggest ways to carry out that exploration.

The following exercise can be used to establish a new direction  or to find a solution to a particular problem.  It can also be used to reveal hidden blocks that may be interfering with your ability to solve a particular problem. For example, if you have been trying to solve a relationship problem by focusing on emotion, you may be surprised when the Page of Swords appears instead of the Page of Cups. This unexpected card suggests that you move your focus away from emotion and onto thoughts, values, and attitudes. This simple shift in viewpoint may be enough to open your mind to new options.

To prepare yourself for this exercise, you should write down a problem on a piece of paper and list any alternatives that are available to you. Then extract the four page cards (or whatever cards are the first of the four royalty cards in your favorite deck). Shuffle these four cards several times so that you are no longer aware of their order and spread them face down in front of you. Sit quietly. Read the list you have made. Think about the problem and the possible solutions that have already occurred to you. Then ask for direction, and turn one card over.

Because each Page represents a different suit, each one presents you with different questions and different ways of finding solutions to your problem. Some of these questions and problem-solving strategies are listed below. You may wish to change these  to reflect your own understanding and experience with the page cards. Pay particular attention to the questions and strategies that you develop. The best solutions often come from within.

Page of Wands: spirituality and creativity

If you have drawn the Page of Wands, you should focus on the spiritual and creative aspects of your question. The Page of Wands asks questions like the following:

  • What is your Higher Power calling you to do?
  • How will the various options further your spiritual development? Renew your energy? Sustain your spirit?
  • How will these options foster your creativity?
  • How will these options support the Higher Good? For you? For those close to you? For your community?
  • Will these options expand your vision? Fill you with passion? Bring new meaning to your life?

The Page of Wands suggests the following ways to addressing these questions:

  • Meditate, pray or hold some other kind of spiritual dialogue with your higher power or higher consciousness. Ask what options are possible. Ask for guidance in your choices.
  • Relax and begin to visualize the options. Imagine yourself in each possible situation. Observe the actions you might take in response to the opportunities or challenges of each situation. Do they reflect your true self?
  • Consult a spiritual advisor.
  • Consider your choices in terms of your spiritual and creative life. Which options feed your spirit or creativity? How will you feed your spirit or creativity if you choose an option that does not directly support them?

Page of Cups: emotions

If you have drawn the Page of Cups, focus on emotional issues. The Page of Cups asks questions like the following:

  • How will these options affect me emotionally?
  • What emotional issues do these options raise?
  • How will these options further my emotional development?
  • How will these options affect the emotional development of those close to me? Will they bring me closer to my community?
  • Is fear holding you back? Are your fears realistic?

The Page of Cups suggests the following ways to addressing these questions:

  • Reach out. Talk to other people. Keep your exploration at a feeling level. Don't jump into intellectual problem-solving.
  • Visualize your options. Imagine yourself in each situation. Pay particular attention to the feelings that arise.
  • Consider your choices in terms of your emotional life. Which options will further your emotional development? Which will bring the most emotional satisfaction? Which will support healthy self-esteem?
  • Respect your emotions. Listen to what they tell you, but don't allow them to control you.

Page of Swords: mind

Drawing the Page of Swords suggests that you put your mind to work. The Page of Swords asks questions like the following:

  • What is your overall goal? How important is it to you? How do these options relate to it?
  • How do you plan to reach your goal? What are you willing to give up in order to reach it?
  • What skills do you need to implement your options? What skills do you already have? What skills do you need to develop? How will you develop them?
  • How will your thoughts, attitudes, and values assist or interfere with the implementation of your options?

The Page of Swords suggests some ways to address this issue:

  • Make a list of possible options. Seeing them in black and white sometimes helps.
  • Make a profit/loss table. List the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • Rank the advantages and disadvantages. What is most important to you?
  • Make a plan. Break the actions down into small steps
  • Adopt a new perspective. Look at the problem from all sides
  • Don't lose sight of your values. Stay true to yourself.
  • Analyze your thoughts. Don't let negative thinking erode your confidence or hold you back.

Page of Coins: material resources

The Page of Coins asks you to consider your resources. He asks questions like the following:

  • What impact will these options have on your finances?
  • How will they affect your environment and the people around you?
  • What demands will they make on your time and energy?
  • Will you need to change any of your present behaviors in order to implement them?
  • Will they satisfy you physically and sensually?

The Page of Coins suggests that you:

  • Establish your priorities. Consider your available time and energy.
  • Experiment with new behaviors before committing to major undertakings that require behavioral change.
  • Look for ways to increase your income for options that strain your finances.
  • Find a mentor to advise and encourage you.
  • Move ahead once you have a working plan.

The Page of Coins calls for action. He reminds you that:

  • It's okay to make mistakes. You learn from experience.
  • Most solutions take time. Patience with yourself and others is usually required.
  • It's okay to abandon a plan that isn't working and try another approach. Many good solutions are discovered through trial and error.
  • Once you have a plan, it's important to act. Procrastination only wastes time and makes the path longer.

Further guidance

If you wish further guidance after you have considered the questions put to you by the Page and acted on his suggestions, you may wish to draw another card. Return the four cards to the deck, shuffle, and draw a new card, using the entire deck. Use this card to address remaining issues, resolve remaining conflicts, or help refine your chosen solution or approach.